Imada photo service shoots photos of buildings as they appear just after the completion of building. Our work includes buildings of various sizes, from buildings in the station, hotels, apartments, schools, etc. to individual houses and shops.

Through changes in angle, shade and time we bring out the charm of a building itself, photographs that can reliably convey the character of a building, photographs that convey everyday moments with people in a building), and photography capturing a panoramic view of a building standing as part of the city.

I am a photographer, and the name of this company that I inherited from my father has the word "service," which I consider to be most important. This is a company name that always makes me aware that I am shooting the first moment of a building built by the hands of many people involved, such as clients, designers, carpenters, engineers, etc. In order to take good photographs, I prepare carefully, and then I have the privilege of taking a photograph


今田 耕太郎

Kotaro Imada

Born in Sapporo, Hokkaido in 1976. I have been familiar with cameras since my childhood, being close to my father who ran a photo studio. In 1998, for 3 years total, began working overseas at places like a ranch, and start producing photographic works. During travels in Europe, I got interested in architecture, in particular I was deeply impressed by the Sagrada Familia Basilica in Barcelona, After returning to Japan, I graduated from Japan Photography and Arts College. In 2005 I started an apprenticeship under Mr. Yoshinori Komatsu. Here I took photographs for advertisements of housing makers. In 2006 I started photographing sentou (public baths) as a subject. In 2008 I started work at Kawasumi Architecture Photographic Office Co. Became a freelance photographer in 2014, taking over the trade name from my father.

photo by Gregori Civera [ ]

Company Profile

Established 1965
Founder Toshihiko Imada
President Kotaro Imada
Address Tokyo Office
#101, 6-19-19, Shakujidai, Nerima-ku,
Tokyo, 177−0045, JAPAN

Sapporo Office
Higashi 3, South 2, Higashikawa-cho,
Kamikawa-gun Hokkaido, 071-1453, JAPAN