We have the privilege of carefully shooting photos of the first moment of a building which was made by the imagination and hands of many people.

General flow of photography requests


Overview of property consultations

When requesting or considering a shooting, we will ask about the following things.
Please don`t hesitate to contact us about a request even if all of the details haven`t been decided.

  • - Completion time (shooting time)
  • - Direction and size of the propertyIf you have reference materials such as blueprints, please submit them before shooting begins
  • - Required shooting locationThis can be marked on the blueprint. However, if the shooting location and images are not indicated,
    we may ask you to be present for the shooting.
  • - Final number of photosFor example: 5 exterior photos, stairs, main room of each floor, bathroom, rooftop, so about 15 photos altogether.
  • - Method of data deliveryFor example: CD-R, (reference) photo book, or other desired method


Presentation of estimate

Based on Step1, an estimate will be created. Shooting will begin after comfirmation that you have seen the estimate.
We will contact you in advance if additional costs are required, so costs will not be significantly added after shooting.



After considering the desired shooting date, weather etc., the schedule will be set and shooting will begin.
If we cannot shoot because of the weather a fee will not be charged.
If there is a sudden change of the shooting date because of the client's circumstance, a re-shooting and cancellation fee will be charged.


Basic adjustment of images

Basic adjustments such as exposure adjustments are made to the building photographs.


Selection of final photos from the sample data

We will show you the sample data (in a small size), and from these you will select the number of final photos


Final image adjustment of selected photos

Do final adjustments such as removal of dust and color adjustment.


Photo book layout design

Lay out the selected photos in the album.
We will ask for requests such as captions (descriptions of shooting locations) and arrangement of photos.


Photo book printing

We will check the layout and captions, and confirm the quality with the client before uploading, revising 2 to 3 times, then begin printing. It takes about ten days from upload to printing.



With the data from the final adjustment, we will give you the data with the largest size. In the case of delivery of data only, we will mail it on a CD-R as soon as the final adjustment of (7) is completed.

Drone shooting


  • - To ensure safety, we will contact the police station that has jurisdiction over the shooting location
  • - A drone license, damage insurance and applications are filed throughout the year by our company.
  • - The shooting equipment is a PHANTOM 4.

*When the shooting location and the subject are outside the jurisdiction of the client, the client should obtain shooting permission.
*Shooting from inside or outside the client's premises may take some time on the appointed day.
*If you would like a drone shooting, please contact us in advance.
*We do not currently shoot videos with drone.